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ArtikelMortlach (Speyside) - Whisky-Doris 25 Jahre 1984
Bemerkungrefill Hogshead 2834, dist.12.10.84, bott.2.7.10, 270 Fl.
Inhalt/Vol.0,7L / 50,1%
Preis 95,00 (entspricht 135,71 / Liter)
Preis inkl. gesetzlicher Mehrwertsteuer, exkl. Versandkosten
BeschreibungDuft: reife, exotische Frchte mit intensivem Waldhonig, Malz, Gewrze (Ingwer, Pfeffer, Wacholder) und etwas Torf elegant und lecker!

Geschmack: fruchtig-samtiger Antritt, wird immer wrziger und kerniger und zeigt spter sen Torf - im Mund vielschichtig, intensiv und komplex!

Finish: sehr lang auf der fruchtig-wrzigen Seite

Serge Valentin ( gibt unserem alten Tamdhu sehr gute 86 Punkte und schreibt:
Colour: pale gold. Nose: lots happening here, starting with quite some rubber and heavily infused herbal teas as well as some honey sauce and malt extract. Its actually rather heavy and quite unusual. Keeps developing with something between marzipan and scented soap (jasmine), then rather ham and liquorice and a return on rubber bands (nothing excessive here) and kirsch. Its all rather restless! With water: doesnt change much. Maybe a little more wax and something slightly phenolic. Mouth (neat): powerful but not thick and quite fruity, rather liqueurish in fact. Triple-sec (orange liqueur), pear liqueur Then more spices, cloves, nutmeg (big), dried ginger It was an active hogshead. With water: doesnt lose its punch. A tad cleaner, fresher and more fruity, with added notes of aniseed and something slightly medicinal thats rather more to be found on Islay. Finish: long, with the spices more to the front. Yes, as (almost) always. More bitter oranges in the aftertaste. Comments: very good Tamdhu in my opinion. As I wrote, lots happening here. SGP:552 - 86 points.

Ruben von gibt unserem alten Tamdhu gute 81 Punkte und schreibt:
Nose: starts malty and very rubbery, with cereal grains and porridge. I cant really appreciate this rubbery side, but its something Ive come to expect from Tamdhu so its not a specific problem of this expression. After a few moments, it develops on fruit compote (apples, oranges) and big herbal notes (mint / verbena tea, ginger, a little nutmeg). Hints of pine resin and wax with a soapy edge. Mouth: in line with the nose: a fruity / malty centre with oranges, many pears, nutmeg and ginger. Pine wood and liquorice root. Quite herbal towards the finish. Finish: orange marmalade, a little dark chocolate and slightly bitter cloves. I should probably add that Ive rarely been impressed by a Tamdhu so far it doesnt seem to be my style. This 25 year-old is very expressive though, with a big emphasis on herbal notes and spices. Score: 81/100

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